Why take the first step?

First step

4 Years ago today, my book Coaching Presence was published by Kogan Page.  This week I received an email letter from Mark Setch, appreciating my book.  Mark lives in Australia and I’ve only met him through Linked In and it wasn’t a short email. The fact that he would write to me really struck me.  Firstly Mark must be a really nice person to take the time and make the effort to send a lovely email to someone he doesn’t even know.  And going by the content and reflection contained in the email he’s probably a really good coach too (also evidenced by his Master Coach accreditation). 

The other thing that struck me was that Mark is in Australia.  When I was first researching and writing my book, I never imagined that it would go so far across the world.  I realised that it’s now being read in 19 different countries (that I am aware of) including Australia, America, Russia, Lithuania, several countries across Africa, some European countries and of course the UK.

When I first envisaged the book, I imagined a few coaches starting out on their coaching journey, who might find the book useful. I never imagined that master coaches would also find it helpful (and Mark is not the first Master Coach to comment about that).  In the beginning (and still at the point of handing over the manuscript to the publisher) I had doubts, questions, insecurities, worries.  But also a deep and abiding feeling that what I was doing was right and good.  Thank you to Martina and Kogan Page, for helping to make this happen. 

Mostly I want to speak to anyone who is thinking about doing something to make a mark in the world.  Maybe you’re not sure, have questions, self doubt, insecurity.  I want to encourage you to follow your heart in what you want to do. Listen to your instinct and inner voice.  Do what feels right to you. You never know how it’s going to play out.  You don’t know who’s going to be impacted, how it’s going to make a difference. Don’t listen to your insecurities.  Follow your heart, your intuition, your inner voice – your Invisible Coach. 

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