Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn

Tag: Anxiety

Wrong way sign Rise from the wreckage

The news is full of stories of the fallout from mistakes by organisations. Sometimes the response from the company beggars belief.  In these cases the response exacerbates the problem rather than alleviates.  How...

First step Why take the first step?

4 Years ago today, my book Coaching Presence was published by Kogan Page.  This week I received an email letter from Mark Setch, appreciating my book.  Mark lives in Australia and I’ve only...

Would it help?

Last night I watched the film Bridge of Spies.  An excellent film – I highly recommend it.  But I digress!  In the film Tom Hank’s character, lawyer – James Donovan, asked the Russian...

Can’t get back to sleep?

A few weeks ago I was talking about thinking with a client of mine and he asked me “how do you stop your thinking when it is keeping you awake in the...

Save the world – a New Year’s resolution

A few weeks ago I watched in horror as the events in Paris unfolded.   And my heart went out to the people of Paris and the families of the people who were...

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