What is Christmas really?

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A reflection about Christmas and our true nature.

As one who celebrates Christmas every year, I thought I’d reflect on what Christmas really means to me.  It’s a time when we show people in our lives how much we love them.  We give gifts and spend time with them.  Celebrating life. We’re kinder to each other, not just to our families, but to other people we meet.  It’s a time when people often feel happier, and we smile more.  We’re more open to others.  We feel more peace and joy, more kindness and goodness. 

Peace and joy, kindness and goodness are innate and natural to all of us.  Christmas is a time when we go back to our true nature, our true selves.  That’s what makes Christmas a time of peace and joy.

 Regardless of whether you have money or not, whether your relationships are what you want them to be, or not, whether you’re missing a loved one, whether you’re in a war zone, or not.  Whether you celebrate Christmas or not.  Peace and joy, kindness and goodness is within you, it’s your true nature. And not just at this one time of year.  They are within you at any time, Christmas is just a reminder to look for it.

So we wish you peace and joy, we wish for you to rest in your true nature, not just at Christmas but throughout the whole of the year. 

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