Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn

Tag: Resourcefulness

Wrong way sign Rise from the wreckage

The news is full of stories of the fallout from mistakes by organisations. Sometimes the response from the company beggars belief.  In these cases the response exacerbates the problem rather than alleviates.  How...

lightbulbs Would you like more fresh thinking in your business?

Fresh thinking is the life blood of any organization that wants to grow and expand.  Whether it’s new products and services, new ways of dealing with problems, new ways of finding efficiencies or...

Acceptance as a time and energy saver

Stress, anxiety, anger, frustration (etc) are all feelings thatcan arise from unfulfilled expectations. The expectationof something happening that doesn’t or hasn’t happened.Whether that’s an expectation of yourself or someoneelse. An expectation that can be...

Would it help?

Last night I watched the film Bridge of Spies.  An excellent film – I highly recommend it.  But I digress!  In the film Tom Hank’s character, lawyer – James Donovan, asked the Russian...

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