Remain or Leave – Living with Uncertainty

This article was published on Linked in on 23rd June 2016 whilst awaiting the outcome of the EU referendum in the UK.

Today is probably going to be one of the most important dates in the history of the UK – perhaps. If we stay in the EU then
maybe it will be a non event – the fact that we considered leaving but didn’t might just get lost with the passing of time.
If we leave it may be looked back on as an historic date, we won’t know until some time in the future.

Things will change, they always do. Uncertainty is all around – but what is this uncertainty but a collective thought.
A whole country all identifying with the thinking that the world is uncertain. In a few days the outcome will be known, and
then there will probably be more uncertainty – regardless of the outcome. People will have another thought and believe it.
One person expresses a thought, another person picks up on it and it goes on and grows into a collective thought. Lots of
people identifying with some slightly different thinking about uncertainty.

There is nothing uncertain about the present moment. It is exactly what it is, we know exactly. What is there to be
uncertain about in the present moment? We know everything we need to know to be right here, right now. It is only when
we look to the future that uncertainty arises, but the future is always uncertain, always has been and always will. Even
when we have clear goals, a clear path, a clear action plan the outcome is never certain.

So we have always lived with uncertainty and always been OK in the present moment. Whatever happens today, tomorrow,
next week etc... when that is the present moment we will know what to do in that moment, even knowing that everything
that follows is uncertain.

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