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5 people gathered together reflecting on what is present when transformation happens in coaching.  Words used to describe this were ‘higher self’, ‘true self’, ‘natural self’.  And how this was distinct from our intellect and ego.

We focused on the different feeling that emanated from being our true self compared to being in our intellectual or egoic mind.  Wisdom coming from our true self – intellect and ego being something that has been learned over our lifetimes.

 We explored wisdom, the nature of it, where it comes from using terms like ‘intelligence of life’, ‘universal potential’, ‘universal creativity’.  We noticed that when coming from this place of universal intelligence/wisdom which is also our most natural self we are peaceful, calm, still, quietly but assuredly confident and strong.   This is the source of our ‘Invisible Coach’ within ourselves and within our clients.

 We experienced being with another person from that peaceful, calm place within us and noticed how strong the connection was from that part of us.  The connections were palpable and strong.  Each felt totally safe in the space held by the other and spoke of things they’d not expected to share.

We spoke appreciatively of each other without premeditation, from that space within us and each received profound feedback that reflected that person’s very best self, their higher self.  We basked in the feeling of being our best self connecting with someone else’s best self.

 We reflected that this is the experience we’re talking about when we talk about coaching presence.  When we’re connected and resting in our best self it draws out the best self of the other person.  It comes with a feeling and when we want to rest in our best self we can look for that feeling within us.  We can call it the ‘Invisible coach’ but the best words for it is ‘coming from the heart’.

When we come from the heart we are loving, kind and compassionate.  And we are strong, clear and confident.  We only have our clients best interest at heart.   Our clients feel this, know this and when they experience this they can fall into their best self and that’s where the insights and realisations come from that transforms their lives. 

One person summed it up.  “It’s not a workshop it’s an exploration into who I really am and that makes it so much more profound.” 

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