A tribute to Dave Gooda


It was with great sadness that on Friday we attended the funeral of a dear friend of ours and colleague, Dave Gooda. 

We have known Dave and worked with him for many years.  He was a great man who we loved and admired. 

First and foremost he was a family man and whenever he finished a day’s work with us he would talk about his family, his wife Tracey, his children and step-children, Marcus, Katie, Beth and Drew.

Dave was gifted as a leader, mentor and teacher in business.  He stood out from the crowd in the way that he connected with people.  He could strike up a conversation and find common ground with anyone from the shop floor to the Chairman of the board. 

He had a way with people and when he talked to them, particularly in groups, he was able to captivate their attention and hold them in the palm of his hand.  He had a natural authority and a story for every situation. 

He was wise, funny and witty and if anyone took him on intellectually or with a ‘bit of banter’ then they had a job on their hands.  In fact, the more cynical and tough the audience the more he relished the challenge, which usually produced a playful grin from Dave at some point.

 Dave was such an inspiration to people.  He touched the lives of thousands of people through his work.  Helped them to find solutions to problems, built their self esteem and helped them to be better managers.  People returned back to work from his courses inspired to be better managers and in turn to inspire others.  As a result the people that they managed had a more fulfilling time at work and felt more valued.   So Dave’s magic spread.  Some of those people also went home at night feeling a little less stressed or with a renewed spring in their step and that could mean a more loving, less distracted conversation with a partner or spouse, a more rewarding time with the children or a kinder word for a neighbour.  Dave’s influence carried over to people he hadn’t met – passed on from person to person.

Feedback received from delegates on all his courses regularly indicated that being trained by Dave had changed their lives for the better.  That was what inspired Dave in his work and that is the legacy that he leaves behind. 

We are forever thankful that Dave was our friend and that he worked with us on our team.  Thank you Dave, for your legacy of inspiration and the wisdom that helped make so many people’s lives a little better after spending time with you.   The team will carry on your great work but you will be sorely missed.   

Finally thank you for enriching our lives with your friendship.  We will miss you forever. 

This entry was posted on July 5, 2017

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