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2018 success

Our wish for everyone we meet is to have a happy, positive and successful life (we don’t only wish it for 2018!).  That everyone be in a happy/positive state of mind more of the time because a healthy and positive state of mind is a determining factor in success.  And it’s a state of mind that is readily accessible to all of us.  It’s not as difficult as it may sound because a healthy, positive, good state of mind is an innate and naturally occurring phenomena.

State of mind is a fluctuating phenomenon.  Sometimes we feel good, sometimes we don’t.  Everyone, without exception.  In my experience, most people don’t pay much attention to their state of mind when life feels good, in other words when they’re in a healthy state of mind, but boy do they pay attention when it doesn’t feel good! And we all do it!  We spend time analysing the reasons why, we berate ourselves for feeling bad, we try to force ourselves to get out of this low quality state of mind, we judge ourselves for not being able to get out of it etc. etc. and in doing so we pay a great deal of attention to our low state of mind, which extends the amount of time we stay in a low state of mind - ironically.  We notice our low/unhealthy states of mind much more than our good/healthy states of mind. 

It’s especially ironic when we find out that a healthy state of mind is waiting just around the corner.  That actually we spend more time in a healthy state of mind than we realise.  And if we just wait for the low quality thinking to pass, new thinking arises which results in a more positive state of mind.  We fall from a low state of mind to a healthy state of mind, without any effort.    

But when it happens, when we fall into a good state of mind, we don’t pay it any attention. We don’t analyse the reasons, or question it.  We just get on with life and the moment passes by unnoticed, unrecognized for what it is.  A reason for this is that it feels normal in a ‘take it for granted’ kind of way.  Because it IS normal.  A healthy state of mind is natural, it’s our default state, we fall back there whenever our low quality thinking passes, or when we stop paying attention to our low quality thinking.  It’s there all the time underneath our personal thinking, waiting quietly, patiently to surface.  

People who pay more attention to their positive state of mind are more likely to be successful, compared to people who pay more attention to their ‘negative’ or low state of mind.  So I invite you to pay attention to your healthy state of mind, because the more you notice it, the more you notice it!!  It happens more often than you might think.  And in noticing it more often, you increase the likelihood of it happening again and again.  You fall into a healthy state of mind more often.  You don’t have to work at it, it just happens that way. 

Don’t take my word for it.  Try it and see for yourself.  Over the next month (quarter, year even!) notice your state of mind.  If you don’t notice it in the moment, notice it in hindsight.  I’d love to hear how you get on. 

Written by Maria Iliffe-Wood
January 2018

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